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ESF Exploratory Workshop ‘Postmigrant Youth Scenes in Urban Europe’ 1-4 July, 2010, Goethe University Frankfurt


The workshop brought together experts from different disciplinary and thematic backgrounds to explore the emergence of new forms of sociality among young people with migrant backgrounds in European cities. While ‘mainstream’ youth scenes in the context of clubbing and other leisure practices have received ample scientific attention, the phenomenon of (post)migrant youth scenes has been largely ignored. The workshop developed perspectives for an interdisciplinary research agenda on leisure practices and related forms of sociality among youth that will broaden academic and political perspectives on minority integration, and explored possibilities for research collaboration.


Aim of the workshop

The integration of young people with migrant backgrounds constitutes one of the most challenging issues facing contemporary EU member states. Existing research addresses their integration primarily as a problem of cultural identity and of social exclusion, without paying attention of the social practices of young people with migrant backgrounds. There is a striking gap in the research on ethnic minority youth when it comes to investigating how young people actually socialize, as opposed to how they identify. What is lost in the gap between quantitative indicators of the social on the one hand and cultural orientations on the other is the question of the social as lived practice outside the institutions of family, workplace and schooling. By turning its attention to the socializing practices of young people with migrant backgrounds in Europe, the workshop begun to address this question in an interdisciplinary context. Its aim was to develop a cross-disciplinary research agenda for the study of (post)migrant socialities, analyzing forms of sociality by bringing together researchers from different disciplines that have dealt with separate aspects of the phenomenon of migrant youth leisure practices in Europe. The workshop encouraged mutual exchange and collaboration between researchers and aims at linking research perspectives and agendas for the study of migrant youth.



The workshop took place on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2010 at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, and brought together social science experts on ‘second generation’ integration, urban deprivation, youth scene researchers, humanities scholars working on music and identity, and researchers who address issues of sexuality in club scenes and other leisure contexts.

Panel themes focused on four areas that have particular relevance with regard to studying postmigrant leisure practices, namely the study of youth scenes, ‘second generation’ urban research, work on sexualities and on music and performance.

The Scientific Report can be downloaded here.

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