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Urry, John
City Life and the Senses
In Gary Bridge and Sophie Watson, editor, A companion to the city of Blackwell companions to geography
page 388-397.

Urry, John
Polity Press, Cambridge
Reprinted. edition

Keywords: Transportation Population geography

Sheller, Mimi and Urry, John
The New Mobilities Paradigm
Environment and Planning, 38:207-226

Keywords: mobilities, paradigm, mobile theories and methods, mobility turn


It seems that a new paradigm is being formed within the social sciences, the `new mobilities' paradigm. Some recent contributions to forming and stabilising this new paradigm include work from anthropology, cultural studies, geography, migration studies, science and technology studies, tourism and transport studies, and sociology. In this paper we draw out some characteristics, properties, and implications of this emergent paradigm, especially documenting some novel mobile theories and methods. We reflect on how far this paradigm has developed and thereby to extend and develop the `mobility turn' within the social sciences.

Hannam, Kevin , Sheller, Mimi and Urry, John
Mobilities, Immobilities and Moorings: Editorial
Mobilities, 1(1):1-22

Sheller, Mimi and Urry, John
Mobile technologies of the city
Routledge, London

Keywords: City and town life; City dwellers; Effect of technological innovations on; Social mobility; Information technology; Social aspects; Mobile communication systems; Urban transportation;

Urry, John
Consuming Places
Routledge, London/New York